Sandinistas change anti-U.S. anthem (fwd)

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Sep 11 12:16:52 MDT 1996

Kevin wrote;
>	Does the changing of anthems represent a historic phase in the
>history of the FSLN that brings with it a historic change in direction?
>What is the FSLN today? Could someone perhaps comment, I would especially
>like to hear from supporters of the party like Louis Proyect who can
>hopefully comment on what a Sandinista government would mean to
>Nicaraguans today.

No, this does not represent a historic phase in the history of the FSLN.
Just a fairly logical conclusion. They unfortunately did not, nor ever have
a program which could show the way forward. Once again just about the entire
new left including many "Trotskyist" organisations jumped on the FSLN bandwagon.

So I think it far more important to hear from those "Trotskyists" about why
they capitulated to the FSLN and basically tailed them either from the right
or the left the whole time.

There are few organisations who had a correct analisis of events in
Nicaragua and the FSLN. Those are the only ones who saw through some rather
authodox Trotskyist eyes this movement which was based on guerrilla warfare
along the lines of the Cuban experiment. In one case we got a deformed
workers state and in the case of Nicaragua and the FSLN a deal with the
Nicaruguan Bougeoisie and imperialism.

Only Trotskyist parties based on the TP anf the theory of Permanent
revolution can show the way forward. Some thing this just bible thumping.
But in fact it is in the history of the Left Opposition, the TP and
Permanent Revolution that tyhe critisisms of the FSLN has its roots.

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

But instead of learning anything from this the "Trotskyist" organisations
that supported the FSLN are now supporting "the San Paulo forum" which is
basically another reformist recipe for defeat of the poor and working class.

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