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Wed Sep 11 13:17:53 MDT 1996

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:

> Only Trotskyist parties based on the TP anf the theory of Permanent
> revolution can show the way forward. Some thing this just bible thumping.
> But in fact it is in the history of the Left Opposition, the TP and
> Permanent Revolution that tyhe critisisms of the FSLN has its roots.

	The reason most members of the list will call your evangelism
"bible thumping" is because the Left Opposition has a history of little
more than criticism that makes it a dubious source for "plans for the
future." When the Left Opposition and the Maleckist movement worldwide
have parties that number in millions of members then others may begin to
take your type seriously, but we probably don't have to worry about that
because Malecki lives on a commune in Sweden isolated from the rest of the
world, and spends most of his free-time evangelizing to a few hundred
members of leftist newsgroups and mailing lists across the Internet.

	Amid the many smart-assed remarks that Louis Proyect has made in
attacking Malecki repeatedly, the point he makes well everytime is that
Malecki, despite his messianic complex, is nothing more than a 50 year
old man in a commune in Sweden who finds evangelical "Trotskyism" to be
a cheap method of psychotherapy. Louis takes prozac, and brags about his
friends, lovers, and family to deal with his inadequacies, while Malecki
reads the Transitional Programme, and reminisces about his heroic actions
during the Vietnam War. But at least Louis does meaningful things
politically, with both the middle class radicals that proliferate
academia as well as the poor and working class people that proliferate
New York. It's sad that Malecki has to live his life in exile after, if his
tale is to be believed, saving the lifes of thousands of Vietnamese people
through his sabotage of Dow Chemicals. But it's equally as sad that Malecki
spends his time writing e-zines from his commune in Sweden that are
supposedly targeted at "poor and working class" people on the Internet, and
debating the "fascism of Spoons and the Left-Unity list" rather than
connecting himself with the real-world, and getting involved in real,
Marxist, politics. Instead Malecki apparently decided that he'd much rather
eulogize about the Fourth International than do anything meaningful for
others. Most people find that to be even more sick, and less forgivable,
than bad spelling and frequent typographical errors.

Cols, Oh

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