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Re Blake :

1.      A great memory of mine is Allen Ginsberg singing Blake's
"Nurse's Song" on a BBC Radio show from a poetry festival,
accompanying himself on a small accordion, leading a vast
audience in endless repeats of the final line "all the hills
echoed", breaking the programme schedules until they just faded
him out.

2.      Jah Wobble has just issued a new CD of Blake settings.
The bits I've heard on radio are a great improvement on the
rather energy-less "Spanner" collaboration with Eno. (BTW does
anybody know if the "Spanner" title is anything to do with the
Spanner trial/campaign ?)

3.      Billy Bragg's latest CD is "William Bloke" (yes the
spelling is right).

4.      I understand that there is a Blake mailing list
somewhere on the net. Does anybody know if there were any decent
reviews of EP Thompson's book on Blake posted to it ?

5.      When I worked at the GLC I used to go drinking in a pub
called the Pineapple, which had excellent beer and was in the
same block as Blake's house.

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