A suggestion for the new moderated list

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Wed Sep 11 15:11:36 MDT 1996

Louis (P) has some good ideas for a prospectus for moderated Marxism,  and
goes on to conclude:

>...This is not to say that the moderated list will prevent polemics. We
>welcome sharp, passionate and informed exchanges on any topic under
>the sun such as the militia movement, the war in former Yugoslavia,
>Sandinista politics, etc. We simply ask that you refrain from turning
>political differences over whatever subject that is discussed into a
>ruthless battle to expose your opponent as a traitor to the class
>We have learned from experience that this type of discussion on the
>Internet leads rapidly to flame-wars and personal abuse. If you feel the
>need to conduct polemical warfare against everybody who disagrees
>with your line, we once again urge you to consider the unmoderated

Amen,  Louis.    I would further urge those who enter the moderated list to
do so,  not as "believers" in a particular line,  sect,  party,  or
"leader",  but as part of a great movement embracing people of many
beliefs--both Marxist and non-Marxist--whose great goal is the emancipation
of humanity from the throes of exploitation and injustice in all its complex
and nefarious forms.

Louis (G)

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