A quote a day keeps the metaphysicians away

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Wed Sep 11 17:33:10 MDT 1996

Russell P goes voodoo:

>What's all this quote a day stuff about?
>Is it some sort of magical incantation to exorcise troublesome thoughts: a
>cyber-garlic to keep the vampires of critique away?
>Derrida claims in _The Spectres of Marx_  that all attempts at ontology
>are ultimately 'hauntology' and perhaps this is it!

Of course, Lacan would have dismissed Derrida as a bad case of Dear Da',
after a detour round Derider.

Pomo crap (that is the official term these days, isn't it? Haven't been in
many cloisters recently) is really just a bad case of 'auntology', or
perhaps in a less sexist and more existential mode 'aren'tology'.

Hey ho the piss and the wind, as Shakespeare sang.



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