Louis P and the new moderated list

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Wed Sep 11 17:33:14 MDT 1996

Louis P (on tranquillizers):

>As we draw nearer to the inauguration of the new moderated list, I
>want to offer a suggestion about some words that might belong in its
>charter statement:

[snippety snip]

>... this type of discussion on the
>Internet leads rapidly to flame-wars and personal abuse. If you feel
>the need to conduct polemical warfare against everybody who
>disagrees with your line, we once again urge you to consider
>the unmoderated list.

You ought to forward this sound advice to Louis P, Louis. You might have to
*urge* him a bit more vigorously than this though.

When you write:

>All those who believe that they have the single "correct" line and hope
>to do battle with those on the list who disagree with this line are
>probably not in the right place. If your goal is to hunt "Mensheviks",
>"opportunists" and "revisionists", we recommend that you consider the
>Marxism unmoderated list which is not only open to this kind of
>controversy but welcomes it.

I think you must have meant:

'If your goal is to hunt "Trotskyists", "sectarians" and "bad spellers",
we recommend that you consider the Marxism unmoderated list which is not
only open to this kind of controversy but welcomes it.'

I mean who needs 'camaraderie' and all that other mealy-mouthed stuff when
you can get to call people 'asshole' and 'filth' as much as you want.

But I do like the imaginative way you attribute human feelings to a list
that has no person or people in charge to give it a face and a character.
Now m2 and unity-list -- they've got a face and a character. You know
what's what and who's who there. You know what's welcome and what gets the
zap button -- or at least you know this after the zapping.

But a list that swallows anything from anyone can be said to welcome
anything from anyone.

Anyhow, as a last bit of chumly banter, good on yer for not going public
yet with your list of pre-emptive excommunicants. That means we can open a
book on both the names and the numbers.



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