Sandinistas change anti-U.S. anthem (fwd)

Michael Hoover hoov at
Wed Sep 4 04:22:38 MDT 1996

> 	Does the changing of anthems represent a historic phase in the
> history of the FSLN that brings with it a historic change in direction?
> What is the FSLN today? Could someone perhaps comment, I would especially
> like to hear from supporters of the party like Louis Proyect who can
> hopefully comment on what a Sandinista government would mean to
> Nicaraguans today.

In the current issue of In These Times, Elizbeth Dore asserts that the
elections are not about revolution vs counter-revolution because that
is already settled in favor of the latter...she makes a number of
points including the following:

-the FSLN campaign is silent on the revolution
-at a rally commemorating the 1979 seizure of power, Ortega promised
good relations with the US if he is elected
-Ortega's running mate is an anti-Sandinista who declared at the same
rally that the party stands for stability, economic growth, and
private property...VP candidate Juan Manuel Caldera used the party
newspaper Barricada to criticise the mixed economy, agrarian
reform, and nationalizations while calling for a good business
-the Sandinistas celebrated Pope John Paul II's visit to Nicaragua
earlier this year (recall his 1983 visit?)...Barricada expressed
joy at the FSLN's #12 position on the ballot in the upcoming elections
by stating that it is the "number that represents the 12 apostles
who followed Christ
-Ortega says he will continue the present World Bank neoliberal
economic policies which have led the IMF to commend the government
for creating an investment climate highly favorable to foreign
capital...companies can repatriate 100% of their profits and most
property can be 100% foreign owned

I will try to find some time to comment...Michael

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