"Crisis of Leninism"; Conference Course

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Wed Sep 11 23:17:50 MDT 1996

Louis R Godena wrote:
> Richard writes,  in response to my suggestion for the cyberseminar:
> > Definately interested. I do not like the title "Crisis of Leninism". The
> >future is ours! Be more positive!
> But,  my dear Richard,  to deny that "Leninism",  as a political
> institution,  is undergoing a profound "crisis" is somewhat akin to
> obscurantism,  don't you think?    The collapse of communist and workers
> parties throughout eastern Europe,  the Soviet Union,  and elsewhere (cf.
> Mongolia),  the curtailment or outright abandonment of Marxism-Leninism as
> official doctrine by revolutionary groups worldwide (eg. the PKK),  and the
> general loss of influence by the remaining Leninist parties even among
> Marxists would,  in my view,  constitute a "crisis" of the most severe and
> historic proportions.
> Nor,  in my eyes,  do recent events suggest that the blame lies with
> "Stalinism"--that bugaboo that is constantly trotted out by liberals,
> trotskyists,  and anti-communists of every description.    In fact,  it is
> the "Stalinist" parties--in Peru,  the Philippines,  Nepal,--that seem to
> have weathered most adroitly the current crisis.    For most of the rest of
> the European parties,  Marxism-Leninism--as realized in "Actually Existing
> Socialism"--has evolved into varying degrees of what used to be called
> "Left" social democracy.
> To (as I put it)  "clarify the essentials of communist party organization as
> a system of political power" in order to analyze the recent transformations
> of the heretofore Leninist communist parties into various "left" forms,  is
> not to dishonor Lenin,  but is part of an attempt to learn from the past and
> to apply those lessons in the cause of Marxist revolution worldwide.
> Louis Godena

I am not denying the crisis Louis. We are all only too aware of it. That
is why I suggest a title that shows some prospect of solution to the

If you prefer the title as it is, fine. It's not a big issue.


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