Sandinistas change anti-U.S. anthem (fwd)

Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu Sep 12 00:26:56 MDT 1996

Kevin obviously missed the header in this thread, but saw a chance to do
some Maleki bashing.

Naturally the *real* fact of the new national anthem of the Nicaraguans
which i,m quite sure both Kevin knows was the subject in relation to the FSLN.

And the poor Trotskyists isolated with their critisisms. Yes while the
traitors like the FSLN can really lead the millions down the road of
betrayal. Which they did, which you supported.

Naturally this is all the Trotskyists fault for critising these traitors
that lead millions.
Which means that the whole question according to Kevin is size rather then
political content.

In conclusion you are slandering me again. I have never accused the spoon of
being "facist". But with the attitude the left has towards workers and the
political line they represent will certainly drive many into the arms of the
facists as the crisis deepens.
And you would be quite surprised about how many read "Cockroach".

Bob Malecki

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