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Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu Sep 12 00:27:05 MDT 1996

>I have been lurking on this listing for about ten days now and I think it
>long overdue that I made a few comments regarding moderation, censorship
>and the "Malecki business". I am deeply disappointed to find that Per M has
>decided to ban certain individuals/organisations and censor other posts to
>this listing. My position on the whole issue of censorship and banning of
>any person or material is quite simply that it should be my choice and
>under no circumstances am I happy to abrogate that right to any other
>individual. I get the impression that the issue is a quantity over quality
>point and for sure Malecki posts in volume, but in amongst a lot of the
>ranting is some genuinely interesting and informative stuff. So his
>credibility might take a bashing because of the style and lack of
>grammatical niceties but so what, I would much rather the option of hitting
>the delete button myself than have that choice removed for me.
>Unfortunately we live in an increasingly censorious climate across the
>board and this insidious trend is now encroaching onto this list under
>cover of well written but  rather erroneous arguments. The drive to
>sanitise and cleanse all aspects of life seems to be reflected in the
>arguments for a moderation of discussion and debate which is very
>politically correct but I would hope not to be entertained on any serious
>I was suprised that I had no response to the LM missive about the US
>bombing of Iraq that I previously posted. It seems to have disappeared into
>the archive without mention.

First i,m glad you are against the present policies of exclusion and
expulsions that appear to have become the norm. Hopefully you are against
the spoons attempts to sectorize the left with a moderated lollipop for each
group. In fact this line is a complete capitulation to the petty bougeois
intellectuals that have dominated the debate for years on the new left. As
more and more people come on line their new left turf is hopefully going to
be questioned by a new proletarian faction which through both experience in
life + and interest in communist politics will turn there world on its head.

Look whats happened with just one half concious poor and working class
communist walked in here. The whole Jefferson village spoons and the petty
bougeois intellectuals above the  have gone bersek!

There is a reason for this. Their whole life style as new leftists is being
theatened critisized and attacked all along the line. They have joined hands
in a United Front against the proletarian wing of the list and its supporters.

Naturally this does not mean that poor and working class people do not make
mistakes or can be vulgar, in fact stupid sometimes. But that is one thing
that we have to recognize and deal with ourselves. But the attacks by the
petty bougeois intelligensia of the left against the rawness and vulgarity
and grammar of the proletarian wing is only used as a weapon to go bashing
pooor and working class people.

They know that their petty bougeois world will crash down upon their heads
when the poor and working class people start marching in here in the future.
that is the bottom line and political thrust of the present campaign.

The death gnall of the new left petty bougeois life stylists! Great! More
poor and working class people, more minorities will be great. The
proletarian wing of Internet
is a physical reality and the bigger it becomes the better. Let the petty
bougeois build their moderated lists.  Any thinking worker with and ounce of
experience willl quickly find his way to us in the future on the Net.

In fact the proletarian wing will be built on the bodies of the new left
life stylists who
will do everything and just about every dirty intellectual trick to stop
them. With their "uppity" attitude and noses so far up in the air that they
do not even know that shit stinks!

Forward to a poor and working class communist Internationalist list. Oppen
to all who will in their own way and through their own life experiences will
find a way forward. The petty bougeois intellectuals having nothing to
offer. No politics, no program, no future.

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

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