A suggestion for the new moderated list

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Sep 12 01:17:20 MDT 1996

At 08:27 AM 9/12/96 +0200, you wrote:
>Jon writes
>> This is a noble goal. Unless we decide to exclude some people outright
>>however, the "hunters" will get three arrows a day. It is to be hoped that
>>raising the delete shield to ward off such missiles will be less burdensome
>>than diving for the unsubbing bomb-shelter which many found necessary in the
>>unlimited list.
>Does this mean that the nnew "unmoderated" list is in fact not going to be
>and open list. That people will be banned at the door and the number of
>posts will be a total of three?
>Obviously this is a rather new interperatation of and open list.
>Bob Malecki
Wise up Bob.  Is it too much to hope that you are capable of learning a
little humility?  Your pariah status is largely due to your own behaviour.
Do you shave?  Well if so pause to take a look at yourself.

Your champion the Anglo-Trot Hugh "Cheers" Rodwell has done you no  favour
by sponsoring you.  But then he is another arrogant know all.

You can protest as much as you like.  But it is not a matter of free speech.
It is a matter of preventing you from deluging the rest of us with garbage.

I know this is painful for  you, and that it is much easier and more
glorious  to believe that the Mensheviks  are out to get you but there is no
one else to blame but Robert Malecki- exile and martyr.


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