Dialectics of nature

Adam Rose adam at pmel.com
Thu Sep 12 02:47:49 MDT 1996

Gary writes:
> Won't do Adam.  You are still  teasing.  I have never known such a lack of
> "in your faceness" from a member of the ISO tendency before.
> Come on.  Out with it.  Now!

I had in mind most of the subscribers to m2 ( myself and a select few
excluded, naturally ) , and Hans in particular.

I never swear on list lightly - I thought "wankers" was an appropriate insult,
since it implied a self referential attitude common to academic so called
left wing so called philosophers. There is no interaction with the real
world, only with a more or less distorted image of the real world in their

"A quote a day":
I have been quoting large extracts from Engels because I thought people
may be as interested in what he has to say as I was . . . can't think
why people should be interested in Engels on a marxism list . . . silly
me . . .

BTW, apparently Lewin has written an article in the ISJ on dialectics
and biology. Not seen it yet, so I can't comment on it.

"Back to Bakhsar":
Gary, why is it that you resorted to Bakhsar to fend off the pomos ?
What did you feel was lacking in the "classical" marxist tradition ?
I fend off those sorts of arguments with general Marxist arguments about
class, society, and culture. To be quite honest, you don't even
need a particularly high level of understanding of these Marxist
arguments to rip the pomos arguments to shreds.


Adam Rose


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