Nicaragua, the Sandinistas, and the Changed Anthem

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Thu Sep 12 07:13:40 MDT 1996

>Comradely Greetings from Wei En Lin,
>It has been argued that:
>'There are few organisations who had a
>correct analysis of events in
>Nicaragua and the FSLN. Those are
>the only ones who saw through some rather
>orthodox Trotskyist eyes this movement
>which was based on guerrilla warfare
>along the lines of the Cuban experiment.
>In one case we got a deformed
>workers state and in the case of Nicaragua
>and the FSLN a deal with the
>Nicaraguan Bougeoisie and imperialism.'

Yes, and this certainly was not today but years
ago when almost the entire left were cheerleading
the FSLN.
>I find it difficult to see how the Sandinista
>government 'made a deal with imperialism'.
>They fought a bloody war against the
>US-CIA-backed Contra-revolucionarios, and
>were prepared to continue to fight that
>war, if the election had returned them
>to office.  As it was, about 60% of the
>electorate decided to vote for Violeta Chamorro
>rather than continue the war.  It had
>gone on long enough.  After all, what can
>a nation of 3 million do against the
>largest imperialist power?  The Sandinistas
>could have ignored the election results,
>but that would have ruined their credibility
>in the eyes of most of the people.

Yes, in a way they did fight a war, I prefer a losing battle,
with no program and no internationalist strategy to
mobilise the poor and working masses in a
a struggle for power not only in Nicaragua but
throughout the entire continents of the Americas.

Revolutions are not won in bougeois elections! It is
only by setting up a workers government based on
Soviets based on the armed might of the working class
and the peasants to expropriate the expropriators.

That is a program of confiscation of the means of production,
the land, the banks and disarming the military forces of the
bourgeoisie. Not of this was ever on the order of the day.
Nor was the spreading of the workers and peasants
revolt to other countries creating a situation where they
would not have been isolated.

And as far as bougeois respectability in following the
rigged elections. There should never have been any election.
Power should have been based on the democratic elections of
dual organs of power in this case Soviets.
>As regards the charge that the Sandinistas
>made a deal with the Nicaraguan Bourgeoisie,
>we must examine the issue in all of its complexity.
>What the Sandinistas did was forge a policy
>not unlike the early Soviet NEP, which allowed
>the business classes to pursue some of their
>interests.  Lenin and Trotsky both saw the
>reasonableness of this course, given the level
>of development in Russia at the time.  How much
>more appropriate for the Sandinistas to make
>adjustments, given their far lower level of
>economic development.

You can not have built a NEP along the lines of
the Bolsheviks because the question of who had
the power was never solved in Nicaragua! First the
democratic dictatorship of the proletariat and
peasantry then and NEP. That is the bottom line.
>The change of the anthem has some positive
>significance.  No anthem should contain attacks
>against other nationalities.  Sandinismo is ideologically
>anti-US for perfectly understandable historical reasons.
>But anti-US government is not the same as anti-United
>States people.  A subtle point like this cannot be
>made in an anthem.  Thus all references to particular
>enemies should probably be omitted from the anthem.
>The elimination of the anti-US phrase does not
>indicate that the Sandinistas have become co-opted
>by imperialists or by the bourgeoisie.

Wei Lin, you are right about that changing of the National
anthem having a positive effect. Perhaps a few more
peasants and workers in Nicaragua have realised how
bankrupt these Mensheviks really are and were. I think that
the lines of the song should have been.

Against yankee imperialism and their partners,
Workers and peasants in the Americas
March hand in hand,
To smash their rule and domination
We march under the red flag of Internationalism,
To take power from them in the Americas
As we march forward hand in hand

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

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