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Thu Sep 12 09:39:02 MDT 1996

Analisis of the Struggle at Jefferson Village!

As it appears that the open "Marxism M1 list at Jefferson Village will soon
end and be replaced with the line of many small moderated groups under the
control of the present majority and powers that be in this American centered
creation I find it perhaps in place to give my views on the struggle that
has been taking place, the forces and powers in back of that struggle in
relation to creating a communist Internationalist List for all trends in the
workers movement and poor and working class people be they red, white, black
or yellow can discuss our common future.

At the beginning of the present struggle and concious turn by the present
majority and powers at Jefferson Village I wrote the following:

"Marxism" at Jefferson Village "reorganises!"

Well now it is official. The spoon at Jefferson village has decided to
reorganise the list and discussion. Naturally, like class struggle, all
things change. The actors move in different directions and the battles
draw lines even here in cyberspace.

Despite the rosy picture presented by spoon as "reorganisation" one must
say that the reorganisation is something that is connected to the history
of M1 and M2 lists.

The people involved, at least those who have been here for a while, is the
dynamic force in this new reorientation. These people including myself is
the human material with all of its various ideological and living experience
in interaction which has brought about the present state of things.

The remarkable think about this process is how the cyberspace is being used
to enforce all of these political and personal *real* life experiences.
Thus trying to turn this media into deviding up this human material into
various files where they can survive in peaceful bliss without being
contaminated by a virus from the other rich political and personal
backgrounds of those who claim to be "marxist" orientated. A family of
revolutionaries that can exist, at least in cyberspace, in seperate
little rooms where they feel comfortable.

Sort of like packing lollipops in individual or group plastic bags to keep
them sterile for the uninformed consumer...Even better would be the history
of the "new" leftwhich has led a gruopie existence especially amongst
intellectual circles for a rather long time.

It appears that the spoon is looking for organisational and moderation
forms to strenghen this process of groupie existence of the left on
Internet. In other words a little fack or room for each member or family
to move into and be happy with their convictions.

How quaint! I think that it is a very logical outcome of the last months
of struggle. Especially amongst the intellectuals on this list whos politics
is connected to presenting their views to small groups of polite people who
don,t have to worry about where the next meal is coming from or have been
unemployed for months or years.

However i defend free speech and even the right to live in isolation and
groupie existence even for those that prefer this alternative. However i
do intend to subscribe to all of the new groups and try to follow the rules
in order to make life uncomfortable for my political opponents. Or will i
be prevented from doing this by my political opponents? Thus proving;

That  the present "reorganisation" is not more then a physical expression
of the present groupie and individualist life that our "marxists" on this
list appear to prefer in private little rooms rather then and open forum
where ideas can clash.

Because it is quite clear there are certain individuals that are trying to
use this reorganisation as a tool to gag people from participating in the
debate. Naturally i defend the right of people to discuss in anyway they
want to the questions facing those who claim to be "marxist"..

However to organise the discussion along the sectarian and groupie
principals that the left has so long been doing in real life and raising
it to a principle under the guise of "reorganisation" would be criminal.
In fact, only a broad and open discussion with all political tendencies
with people from all walks of life can show the way forward.

We have nothing to lose but our chains and the chains that those who will
gag a free and open discussion will put on us under the guise of moderation
and reorganisation. The best thing that can happen to people is to be
confronted with living ideas and politics is through and open clash on
and open forum where moderation is directed only against facist
provacateurs and *real* cops!

Those who need to hide behind closed and moderated doors have something
to hide or are afraid that there politics can not stand up to open and
real confrontation are the only ones who gain by building walls around
themselves with this new orientation by the spoon. This i,m afraid, despite
all the rhetoric, is the underlying reason for the new reorganisation of the

Now as we draw near to the end of the m1 list at Jefferson Village this
analisis has proved quite true! But one should add that in the process of
the struggle the lines became clearer and sharper as the actors took
positions and began to carry out the battle which is presently raging.

But it also has showed some interesting turns that raise some important
questions for Communist and poor and working class people coming on line to
the Internet. One of the first questions is posed by the clear domination of
Americans on the lists of Jefferson Village and that the technology for
carrying on a discussion is in the hands of a few who can pull the plug at
any time. Thus on a small scale Jefferson village has showed that power (!)
is in the hands of those who control the buttons and tecnology.

Thus Internet being a bougeois media controlled by the capitalist and
imperialists internationally can pull the plug in the future in a period of
wars and revolutions.

The Americans and the present reformist and centrist petty bougeois majority
of new leftists can it appears pull the plug when they see that their
politics are being attacked from the left or by anyone who threatens the
present majority with the finger on the button.

Naturally if one were to go back over a period of time on the M1 list, one
would see the first struggle around the creation of M2 by the ivory tower
who reacted to the Peruvian Stalinists walking in and fight for their line.
But also some of the "Trotskyists" trends who took up the Mantle to do
battle. The creation of M2 by spoon was a trial and escape hatch for the
petty bougeois envionment that existed and felt threatened by the Peruvian
Maoists with their pick up the gun rhetoric. But when some of the
Trotskyists currents took on the maoists and others that were left
a new devision took place with the more reformists and right wing trends
left on M1 became more enraged and desperate as the struggle developed.
Because they had no political answers they turned to slander against the
proletarian wing of the list and went outside to the spoon and m2 in order
to block with the petty bougeois intellectualls to present the new line of
many moderated lists. Thus a block with the petty bourgeois ivory tower
component on Spoon and M2 joined hands with the right wing which was left on
M1 in order to stop the Stalinists and Trotskyist trends by gagging,
exclusion, expulsion and so on.

It was the classical reaction by the right, center wing on M1 and the petty
bougeoisie on spoon and m2 to defend themselves from Internet destruction on
the lists. With the power in their hands they did not need ideas to win the
struggle of ideas, just rules and the power over the technology at Jefferson
Village which the Americans and the right wing have at this point.

However the battle has only begun on Internet. It will continue and grow
just as in real life  the reformists and centrists betray poor and working
class people and the petty bougeoisie become more historical as the crisis
deepens. The poor and working class will have to create their own organs of
power along with the Bolshevik leadership which must take form if we are
going to take power in the future. One of those goals will be to wrip out of
the hands the control of this media by capitalists and imperialists, but
also their lackies the petty bougeoisie who dominate and control this media.

In the final analisis that is what it all comes down too. The dictatorship
of poor and working class people over this media or the other side. There is
no way for compromise. Class war is class war everywhere and on this media
too. So nothing changes that concrete fact now does it.

Towards a Communist Internationalist list for poor and working class people
open to all under present conditions of power in the hands of our class
enemies and political traitors must be seen as a gift, if at all possible,
under the present circumstances. A gift that can be given and taken away by
those in power. Don,t ever forget it (!) and rely on your own power in the
struggle. What the capitalist or reformist and centrists traitors can give,
they can take away at their whim. Because they have the power in their hands
and if threatened will use that power! The point is to change it by fighting
for workers governments everywhere that will expropriate the expropriaters
including this media.

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

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