"Crisis of Leninism"; Conference Course

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Thu Sep 12 11:18:58 MDT 1996

Jeff Booth observes that:

>You seem to have left out anything by Trotsky.  Since he pretty
>much figured out and predicted the collapse of Stalinism it might be
>useful to read books like Revolution Betrayed and Stalin and many others.
>If you add some of Trotsky's works as background reading, then I would

Jeff,  I am not using Trotsky,  et al for an analysis of 1985-93 for the
same reasons I would not use Edward Bellamy's *Looking Backward* (1887) for
a course on the Reagan Administration.     Neither writer was especially
prescient in his analytical abilities and was,  in any case,  long dead
before the events to be studied occurred.

Theories of "convergence",  "corporativization",  privatization,  etc.,  as
factors in the evolution of the Leninist parties into their present
predicaments are best understood by perusing contemporary analytical sources
which,  in turn,  are based upon actual events.     There is,  for instance,
no trotskyist equivalent to Walder's "Corporate Organization and Local State
Property Rights in China:  An Alternative to Privatization" (1993).

I hope you will nonetheless be interested in participating.

Louis Godena

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