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Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Thu Sep 12 13:06:01 MDT 1996

At 10:42 AM 9/12/96, Jeffrey Booth wrote:

>As much as I like many of your posts, I'm getting
>tired of your shotgun approach to political analysis.  You shoot a wide
>pattern of abuse at "Trotskyism" and certain "Trotskyists".  I'm sorry but
>judging from your posts on what you call Trotskyism, your collective
>knowledge of it, at least organizationally, is tiny.  There's a whole lot
>going on in labor and the left that is being initiated and led by

Sorry if it seemed like I was blasting all Trotskyists with a shotgun (a
Trotgun?). I brought up what I thought were extremely unfortunate
characteristics of lots of Trots across time and space, and my question
about *why* they tended to be so purist, negative, and divisive was
seriously meant, as was the question about why so many became

Please feel free to bring up counterexamples of those things "going on in
labor and the left that is being initiated and led by Trotskyists." I
greatly admire the writings of Ernest Mandel, though I'm not sure about all
his political work. And surely the Labor Notes/Teamsters for a Democratic
Union crowd have done lots of good, and they have been known to be
influenced by old Lev B. I'm happy to hear more.



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