Dialectics of nature

Russell Pearson spectres at innotts.co.uk
Thu Sep 12 20:48:10 MDT 1996

Adam laments:

"A quote a day":
I have been quoting large extracts from Engels because I thought people
may be as interested in what he has to say as I was . . . can't think
why people should be interested in Engels on a marxism list . . . silly
me . . .

My point is that your methodology is more like the liberal/christian mess=
age broadcast every morning on Britain's 'Radio 4' called 'Thought for =
the Day'. Since you recommended that we read the Engels text (at 80p a =
throw), I can't see the point off posting it verbatim, unless to cite it =
as incantation. It's a bit like the old war cry of "Maggie, Maggie, Maggi=
e, Out Out Out!", all very heart-warming, but of little political point.

Adam then turns his fire to the "wanker" and the pomos:
Gary, why is it that you resorted to Bakhsar to fend off the pomos ?
What did you feel was lacking in the "classical" marxist tradition ?
I fend off those sorts of arguments with general Marxist arguments about
class, society, and culture. *To be quite honest, you don't even
need a particularly high level of understanding of these Marxist
arguments to rip the pomos arguments to shreds.*

Very true, as Alex Callinicos evinces!

Cheap cracks aside (and Callinicos' book on the subject is quite good), =
who are the pomo's today? And has anyone a good word to say about 'em: =
is Lefebvre as bad as Baudrillard's "wilful dalliance with nihilism", as =
the former describes the latter ?


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