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Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Thu Sep 12 13:20:23 MDT 1996

The below is obviously one of the many "conferences"
instigated today by the US imperialists and thier friends
for making propaganda for those genoicdal plans which
go under the cover name "sustainable development".

All Marxists *must* oppose and fight these plans to
the end. I've already written several posts on this
subject. Many more will no doubt be needed. This is
an enormous subject today, and very few so far have
any idea about what's going on (among those who call
themselves "Marxists", at least).

*This* the present-day nazism which lies behind this
whole thing is a much greater danger to mankind than
was that old-time nazism of the '30:s and '40:s.
Old Hitler, incidentially, tried to make some people believe
his scheme was "socialist" too.

It's VITAL that people not get fooled by this bullshit
of the most dangerous reactionaries today.

For some *real* information on the *scientfic* (not
the political) isues involved, I recommend a home page
of John McCarthy:


Rolf M.

>From: vlan at belspo.be (Van Langenhove L.)
>Subject: IATAFI Conference
>                                IATAFI  '96
>>                        International conference
>>               Technology Assessment and Science Forecasting;
>>          Policy tools for implementing sustainable development
>>                   Second International Conference and
>>                            Bi-Annual Meeting
>>                                 of the
>>           International Association for Technology Assessment
>>                  and Forecasting Institutions (IATAFI)
>>                           8 - 10 October 1996
>>                            Brussels, Belgium
>>                          Conference hosted by
>> the Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural
>>                            General Information
>>The IATAFI96 Conference will focus on both the past and future of
>the role of technology assessment >and science forecasting as tools
>for implementing sustainable development policies. The main
>>objectives of the conference are:
>>1. to make the link between science and technology policies and
>sustainable development;

blabla, etc, etc.....

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