Louis P's war on Trotskyism

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Thu Sep 12 14:45:28 MDT 1996

Louis continues his unsubstantiated war of style and personality against
Bob M and myself in order to attack our politics.

>I feel it is important to declare what type of discussion we favor.
>When new people are about to sign up, who have the personality and
>political defects of Malecki and Rodwell, at least they will be informed
>of that the *intentions* of the list are. I think those intentions are
>sound. We don't need to be checking out every scratch to see if it will
>turn into gangrene.

Note the assertion of defects with not the slightest attempt at providing
evidence or argument. Note the priority of *personality*. Note the glibness
linking *personality* and *political* defects.

>That was the basis upon which the list was functioning around the turn of
>the year and everybody seemed to like it. There was an unwritten rule that
>everybody involved in the discussion was a legitimate Marxist. There were
>instances when people like Leo Casey or Chris Sciabarra would say, "But I
>am not a Marxist." That was fine also.

Another nostalgia tripper.

>Things really started to degrade around the time of the PCP flame wars,
>but now I am beginning to understand the true cause of the degradation. I
>attribute it just as much to excesses of "CEP-Carlos", Rodwell and
>Malecki, 3 ultra-Trotskyists who arrived at around the same time.

Of course Louis would, he is a thousand times more hostile to genuine
Marxist politics than he is to the Stalinist garbage peddled by the
Maoists. (I make an exceptions for Gina's postings, which were argued and
to the point, even if I disagree with her line, and for Louis G's, if he
considers himself included in the Maoist camp, for the same reason.)

>What's interesting is that the super-hostile Adolo Olaechea became
>integrated into the "civil society" of the list without delay, while
>Rodwell and Malecki continue to take the posture of Bolsheviks
>"intervening" in a bourgeois institution. Who needs this.

Some integration! Louis and Adolfo discovered common Stalinist ground,
that's all -- the Two-Stage Theory of revolution, Socialism (or these days
Lack of Socialism) in One Country and Class Collaboration, not to mention
sucking up to oppressive and counter-revolutionary regimes.

As to the "civil society" of the list being counterposed to a "bourgeois
institution", this is hilarious. Is he claiming that "civil society" is
superhistorical? That "civil society" and "bourgeois institutions" are not
synonymous? That spoon lists are not bourgeois institutions? We've had a
thousand proofs recently that they're neither proletarian nor democratic,
are they floating in some kind of heavenly limbo?

And since Louis as always identifies his good self with the list and its
"civil society", what sort of civility was Adolfo integrating into?
Snarling and contemptuous incivility.

Louis has been painting himself so much into a corner by his unremitting
attacks on Bob M and myself that he'll soon have nowhere left to go but up
in the air. He'll start levitating!

In the intensity of his hostility he hasn't noticed how he's been obliged
to hack his own Marxist and intellectual pretensions into a thousand pieces
in the process. The biggest victim of his campaign so far is himself. And
not too far behind him, he's dragging Doug H down, too.



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