Louis P blames the Trots for the PCP flame-wars

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Thu Sep 12 14:45:46 MDT 1996

Louis P doing Hard Intellectual Work:

>Jeff, CEP acted in a absolutely disgraceful manner on this list.

Nonsense. He acted as a principled and proven anti-Stalinist.

>He, like Rosser, had the attitude that this place is where he can let
>everything hang out.

They, perhaps, have something to let hang out.

>It was his continuous use of the term "Shining Shit"
>in reference to the PCP that degraded the level of discussion about Peru
>from the outset.

Nonsense. As a characterization of their ultra-Stalinist politics it is
spot-on. Personally, I'm not so fond of using this kind of language in
public polemics, and I think the armed struggle against imperialism
deserves respect, as it does in Ireland. The fact remains that this current
is counter-revolutionary and if it should come to power, which is unlikely,
it will be a murderous *political* setback for the real development of
proletarian power in Peru. To judge from Adolfo's posts it's not even on
the cards that a dictatorship of the proletariat would be established,
given the rigid insistence on class collaboration with the non-existent
democratic national bourgeoisie. So there might not even be the advance
represented by a deformed workers' state.

>I am not opposed to Trotskyists.

That's a lie.

>What I am opposed to is
>the attitude that some Trotskyists exhibit on this list, which is one of
>utter contempt for the value of everybody who does not subscribe to their

Louis is one to talk. This is the pot calling the kettle black. Louis is
one of the most brazen thrusters of his own sins on others I've ever come

>In general, I think we have to move away from discussing "isms"
>like Maoism, Trotskyism and Stalinism.

These 'isms' have track records, both theoretical and practical, which
makes them extremely useful poles of reference in historical and political
discussions. So it's small wonder Louis wants to get away from discussing

>If you want to have a serious
>political discussion, then hone in on a specific point of difference such
>as the new Labor Party and explore it.

The one doesn't exclude the other, as Louis would possibly realize if he
ever took more than ten seconds to think about what he was actually saying.

>I am just sick and tired of people
>prejudging other people's ideas on the basis of what party they belong to.

This is breathtakingly brazen. Once again, the butt of his criticism is
himself. It's Louis P that Louis P is sick and tired of.

Louis's personal preferences are stale and irrelevant. His political
preferences on the other hand, although stale, are relevant, in the same
way as the Mensheviks and Social-Democrats are relevant. They reveal clear
materially-rooted positions against proletarian revolutionary socialism.



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