Louis P drools over expulsion prospects

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Thu Sep 12 15:34:55 MDT 1996

>Louis P.: This sounds really exciting. My only suggestion is that we defer
>organizing any cyberseminars until after the lists are reorganized and we
>have had a chance to expel the riffraff from the moderated list.

Yeah, let's have the *real* excitement first. Ice-pick the Trots off the list!
Why doesn't Louis suggest naming it the Ice-Pick List? And change that
namby-pamby title 'moderator' to something with balls, like 'executioner'?

Perhaps we should let Louis know that he isn't any *we* for the list, and
remind him that given his track record one of the very first candidates for
expulsion will no doubt be his own good self.

As for riffraff, takes one to know one.



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