Lisa Rogers lrogers at
Thu Sep 12 16:18:53 MDT 1996

Surely there is something about sustainability that deserves to be
claimed for our own.  I see no reason to equate it with genocide
across the board, if at all, Rolf.

I was thinking about keeping erosion down to equal the production of
new topsoil, and adding organic matter to replace that which is
decaying, in order to keep soil fertility at a high and constant
level rather than declining to nothing.

Or growing crops that work with the local fertilizer/soil ecology to
be able to produce at a steady rate indefinitely, rather than
something that produces well for only a few years and leaves the soil
nearly worthless.

Are these examples of "sustainability" socialist-friendly?  The
original conference post was about using technology - surely you are
not turning anti-technology, Rolf!


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