Status Report 5

Hans Ehrbar ehrbar at
Thu Sep 12 17:42:56 MDT 1996

The Spoon Collective is proud to announce the formation of the first
two new lists in marxism space:




The information pages for both lists, which give the list charter, the
names of the moderators, etc., will be sent to you in separate
messages.  In order to subscribe to either of these lists, send the message

   subscribe LISTNAME

to majordomo at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU


Co-moderators for marxism-intro are needed.  Nobody is required to
stay on the list indefinitely, but if you would enjoy, for a limited
time, to patiently explain the principles of Marxism to doubting
newcomers, please send a message to

owner-marxism-intro at

There is no requirement that your brand of marxism is especially
"pure"; it is more important that you are willing to explain to others
what you find convincing.  If there are different explanations from
the different moderators, this may be especially instructive for the
list participants.


Since Status Report 4 on September 4, the spoon collective
received one additional proposal of two lists, with the proposer
volunteering to be moderator:

* A list on 'Marxism and philosophy' or 'Philosophical Marxism'.

* A more specific list on 'Marx and Hegel'.


Further list proposals should be addressed to

marx-administration at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU

Those not subscribed to marxism or marxism2 who wish to receive
these announcements should send the message

subscribe marxism-news

to majordomo at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU.

Hans Ehrbar.

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