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Thu Sep 12 17:47:48 MDT 1996

This is the marxism-intro list info sheet.

marxism-intro is brought to you by the Spoon Collective, a group
of Net citizens providing volunteer technical support for mailing
lists in philosophy, arts, and politics which allow new opportunities
for creative discussion.

By subbing to this list, you will also receive ANNOUNCEMENTS deemed
by Spoon to be of general interest to Spoon lists from time to time.

The mailing list marxism-intro gives people who want to know more
about Marxism the opportunity to discuss with Marxists in a protected
environment.  In your contributions to the list, your email address
will not be revealed to the other list members.  Instead, you will be
identified by a pseudonym which you have to select before sending your
first contribution to the list.  The software for this is brand new
and there may be some glitches at the beginning, therefore we cannot
guarantee that your identity will be protected under all
circumstances.  But we will try.

It is hoped that you will experience marxism-intro as a friendly and
stimulating environment.  The moderators of this list may from time to
time approach the list members privately or the list as a whole with
suggestions how to better achieve this goal.  Behavior which is
destructive of the list purpose may result in exclusion of individual
list members.  At the present time, the moderator is Associate
Professor Hans G. Ehrbar from the University of Utah.  His pseudonym
is Hans.  He is the only list member who knows your real addresses.
If you want to reach him, write to

owner-marxism-intro at

Other co-moderators will be announced shortly.

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