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malgosia askanas ma at
Thu Sep 12 19:01:26 MDT 1996

> Down with the fake moderated lists that hide behind bans, exclusions, and
> expulsions to silence and gag people. The poor and working class people do
> not need moderated groups. It is the new left that is creating a cozy little
> nest where they can hide behind believing that they are fucking serious. In
> reality political cowards that use bans and exclusion and expulsions to get
> their way.

Robert, if you don't need these moderated groups, why are you railing
against the fact that they reciprocate this feeling?  Why not let them
be?  You don't need them, they don't need you.  If, as you point out, there
are real struggles to fight in the world, why are you spending so much of
your time and energy combatting a bunch of "cozy little nests" for "tired
old leftists"?

> The working class does not need these kind of groups. But open groups to
> join discuss and fight for our common future. Let thousands of open lists
> bloom. Trade union lists, communists lists, reformists lists, Stalinist
> lists or what ever. But they should open so that ideas can clash, that a
> process of learning to struggle to question, to critise and all the rest
> becomes the norm here on Internet. Not a paradise for tired old leftist who
> will stop and silence debates through bureaucratic manervers.

Fine: I say, let _all_ kinds of lists bloom.  If you have ideas
for lists and are willing to do the work, make us a proposal.  If you want
to make something bloom, start doing the gardening.  All I've seen you do
so far is trying to prevent other gardeners' stuff from blooming.


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