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Richard Bos Richard.Bos at
Thu Sep 12 23:38:52 MDT 1996

Jon Flanders wrote:

>  " I hear you are commie Jon, why is this?" he said.
>  I explained briefly that I thought the working people who created the wealth
> should own the means of production, like railroads, banks, factories.
>  "Oh, I agree with that" he said, "it just will never work."
>  Then we went about the business of replacing a power assembly.
>   E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 13-Sep-1996

If we could turn the people who say that into activists who want to make
it work; we would have won already!

I have had the same converation a million times. So many people feel
helpless to change things. They think that socialism is a wonderful
idea, but either that capital is too powerful, or that "human nature" is
too bad.


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