Karl Marx and Santa Claus?

Carl 'Dean' Roberts CD-Roberts1 at wiu.edu
Fri Sep 13 02:27:11 MDT 1996

Hello everyone!

I am a new subscriber to this list, as well as a new graduate student of
sociology.  One of the first theorists that we studied was Karl Marx.
Very interesting reading and discussions on Marxism.

I hope I don't get flamed for saying this, but . . . a fellow graduate
student mentioned that there was a recent piece of writing that compared
Karl Marx to Santa Claus.  It's subject was that there were similarities
between Santa Claus and something about Marx.  I really didn't know what
to think.  Some of the other graduate students also heard of this
writing.  Has anyone else heard of it?  I am just curious.  Thank you in
advance for any references, or acknowledgement that it is a hoax.

Dean Roberts
Western Illinois University

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