Urgent! American exile in danger.

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Sep 13 03:33:48 MDT 1996

Bob M has just posted the following:

>I just recieved this letter (below) where Per M. has turned to the Internet
>cops in order to get an American exile on my mailing list server lifted. The
>man is wanted in the United States by the government. He has nothing to do
>with the present fight on "unity"and only recieves mail from me.
>It is both a lie that i have used any bodies Email address to post to the
>people on "unity" or in order to get the mailing list of the "Unity". The
>man has never been subbed to any of the lists here at Jefferson Village. Nor
>has he had anything to do with this fight. I swear as a communist and
>Trotskyist to the above!
>This cop provacation against and innocent American exile Per is both
>criminal and dangerous. I demand that Jefferson.village and all members of
>all lists contact Per and stop him from using the Internet cops against
>people who are not involved but in exile and wanted by the American government.
>Both Per and many others know that, I would not lie about such a thing, nor
>would i use and innocent person to get information about "Unity". And Per
>knows well that the list is leaking like a strainer because there are people
>there who oppose the exclusion,ban and expulsion policies. That is where the
>information comes from.
>I appeal to all of you to stop this cop provacation from Per against and
>innocent person living in exile and Who could be endangered by Per's

I back this appeal.

I also want to ask whether there are any limits to arbitrary and
undemocratic methods for people like Per.

Cop, jury, judge and executioner rolled into one.

Per is obviously paranoid about *his* list and wants to seal it off
hermetically from the real world.

I'm sure that one of the reasons I was bounced so abruptly was that I
didn't give a damn about unity-list posts reaching Bob. Per e-mailed me
personally to say list posts were getting to Bob, and to ask if I was doing
it. Naturally, I replied: "So what?"

Since when does a list-jockey have the right to come snooping like this?

The whole world knows that a former president of the United States got
himself bounced from *his* job for this kind of paranoid snooping.

But then, Spoon lists aren't political parties or representative political
bodies, are they? So we can't make even the most elementary demands for
bourgeois-democratic behaviour on their moderators, can we?

In Sweden, the right to blow the whistle on malpractice in public agencies
is enshrined in the constitution.This is to protect underlings in public
service if they just can't take any more corruption and incompetence from
their superiors. Observing the behaviour of people like Per, it seems that
such bourgeois-democratic gains are well worth defending.



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