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Yes Posadists is right, or often Posadistas as most of them were
latin-american/hispanic. They actually had a small group in the
UK for a while, with anything up to 3 members (so you were right
about the rarity points - I never met one, but I sometimes
spotted their bulletins in Colletts), and published a monthly
duplicated bulletin packed with the thoughts of J. Posadas.
Posadas does not seem always to have been a loony, and you
sometimes see references to him in stuff like the SWP's reports
of the proceedings of the FI. Oh yes, the posadists started out
in among the trotskyists. According to (possibly exaggerated)
rumour, he ended his days shouting continuously into tape
recorders for his hapless disciples to transcribe and circulate
around the world.

In addition to the flying saucer element of posadism, he also
claimed responsibility for Mao's cultural revolution, stating
that the Chinese secret service avidly read all of Posadas'
writings and conveyed them in secret briefings to the great

If you want any more details about them in Britain let me know.
I'm sure that Al Richardson and others will be happy to oblige
with chapter and verse.
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