Hannah Arendt

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Fri Sep 13 11:23:35 MDT 1996

Isaac, Jeffrey C.
      Oases in the desert: Hannah Arendt on democratic politics.
      American Political Science Review v88, n1 (March, 1994):156

For those interested, this is a very thoughtful attempt to defend the
radical implications of Arendt's political vision. Isaac however
concentrates on criticism of Arendt from liberal democrats who seemed to
have learned their democratic theory from Joseph Schumpeter and the young
Robert Dahl.   I don't know of work which studies the similarities and
differences between Arendt's political philosophy and council communist
theory. In such a  work there would also have to be frank discussion of the
limits of workers' councils as a model for revolutionary change, as well.
I think in the 70s Sergio Bologna (aptly named?) suggested that the council
form was most attractive to the labor aristocracy, not the mass worker of
late capitalism.  And his essay sparked off a debate with contributions
>from Carl Boggs and Paul Mattick, Jr in the pages of *Radical America*.


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