Nicaragua, the Sandinistas, and the Changed Anthem

Michael Hoover hoov at
Thu Sep 5 22:05:15 MDT 1996

> to office.  As it was, about 60% of the
> electorate decided to vote for Violeta Chamorro
> rather than continue the war.  It had

Under the circumstances of the war, one might ask how the FSLN managed
to receive 41@ of the vote and remain, by far, the largest political
grouping in the country...moreover, Thatcher's Conservative Party
in Great Britain won an electoral landslide in 1987 with a similar
percentage of the vote because members of parliament are elected on
the basis of single-member districting...Sandinistas & their supporters
who suggested that Nicaraguans voted for "bread & peace" were, no
doubt, correct...a preferable explanation to the one posited by
some - that voters did not intend for Chamorro/UNO to win and
regretted what they had interpreting the results as a
pragmatic attempt to end the war, get the US to lighten up, end
the draft, and reduce economic deprivation seems valid...folks have
limited endurance and they wanted respite from their situation...
but imperial destructiveness only explains so some sense,
it is a "camera obscura;" an explanation which is upside down.  How
could the candidate/coalition backed by the US have won?...there are
also internal reasons (some, no doubt, influenced/shaped by external
factors..the US-Contra war being the most obvious)...Michael

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