Trotsky's "analytical abilities": From personal experience

Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at" at
Fri Sep 13 14:22:06 MDT 1996

Louis Godena wrote:

>Vladimir closes with a personal innuendo:

>>Louis Godena is an educated Marxist.  But this is not enough.  Many
>>were and are educated Marxists ...and also solid bourgeois philistines.
>>But Louis is also and above all is a son of the American working class.

>Thanks,  Vladimir.    I don't know if I'm a  "solid" anything.


Dear Louis, I have just read your reply and feel very lousy.  I see now
how my awkward phrazing may, indeed, suggest a personal innuendo, i.e.
that "philistines" refered to you.  I bring my sincerest apologies for
this. Nothing of this sort could ever occur to me when I think of Louis
Godena, one of the most admirable and likable communists of this list.

I just thought that your dismissive remark about Trotsky's book was
grossly unfair and somehow at odds with your usual judicious style and
intellectual honesty.



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