Trots --> neocons: why?

Michael Hoover hoov at
Fri Sep 6 01:08:05 MDT 1996

> > I believe Louis P responded to this question by suggesting that their
> > anti-Stalinism was an important factor...the role that some of these
> > intellectuals played in the Committee for Cultural Freedom (CCF) - a
> > 1939 precursor to the post-WW2 American Committee for Cultural Freedom
> > - supports Louis' proposition and points to how their rightward movement
> > was facilitated...
> Louis: An ancillary question that is worth discussing is why the
> ex-Trotskyists of today have not drifted into the anticommunist camp. My
> observation is that the grass-roots leadership of many labor, peace,
> feminist and environmental struggles today is composed of ex-Trotskyists
> and ex-Maoists.

I'm not usually one to fire off an immediate response but I managed to
delete (something I do a lot of by mistake) the very last portion of my
previous post on this subject which left it incomplete...the addendum
may also point towards answering Louis' above question...between the
anti-Stalin marxism of the Trotskyite intellectuals in the '30s and
their final destination as neo-conservatives was a period of Cold War
liberalism - which I would define as support for anti-Soviet/anti-
communist US foreign policy and acceptance of New Deal-Keynesian
domestic policies...having aligned themselves with US global interests,
they could not - generally - oppose the Vietnam War (and many were
rabid hawks)...and when the '60s turned "radical" here at home, they
saw an excess of democracy...the New Deal was ok, but the Great Society
was "going too far"...coming of age in this latter ear, however, the US
was the consequence may have been the "third way" politics
identified with some of those in and around New Left Review at different
times and with the journal New Politics here in the states...Michael

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