Which dodo is really dead?

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Fri Sep 13 18:17:00 MDT 1996

At 12:34 AM 9/14/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

>>Why is it that the bourgeoisie just can't stop bashing Lenin, and Marx, and
>>the whole gang, even though they keep telling us they're deader than dodos?
>Simple. Same reason you and Louis P can't stop bashing Trotsky and the
>Trotskyists, even though you keep telling us they're deader than Dodos.

No bourgeois makes fun of Trotsky, except maybe my friend John Liscio, a
financial pundit, who uses "Trotskyist" as a pejorative synonym for
permabear (i.e. someone who always expects financial panic, crisis, and
depression around the corner), and he's not fully bourg.



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