Urgent! American exile in danger.

malgosia askanas ma at panix.com
Fri Sep 13 20:14:24 MDT 1996

Hugh wrote:

> Would Malgosia do a categorical imperative on this and say that all
> disobedience by victims in relation to all owners is wrong?

I doubt she would.  So?

> I don't somehow think it will be possible for anybody but the most
> formalist and blinkered pedant to get worked up about our superficial
> breaches of posting rights when the circumstances leading to the
> "unsolicited" postings are known. On the other hand you have to be quite
> impervious to shame not to get worked up about the high-handedness and lack
> of respect for workers' democratic traditions displayed by the moderators
> of the unity-list.

Right, I understand this.  When you do something disagreeable it's a
superficial breach, and when something disagreeable is done to you it's
shameful, high-handed and an insult to all the workers of the world.
This is much too comfortable a position to quarrel with.  The achievement
of comfort deserves its own respect.


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