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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sat Sep 14 03:40:17 MDT 1996

Finally a politically correct position from the dictator on "Unity"! Hats of
to Per M.
he says the bosses are attacking us everyday and that a new emininent attack on
Iraq is in the making. This is what we should be discussing in regards to
political "unity". Fine I support that!

bob Malecki

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>Thanks for your letter.
>Comrade, I think we have different views of how to build the
>unity of the left. According to us it has to be make in tye
>struggle and in the discussion how to fight against the
>world's bosses. Every minute the CNN is reporting than an
>even worst US attack on Iraq could be launched very soon.
>Hussein has just decided to respect the no-fly zone. The
>Gulf war is the most important issue in world politics today
>and every socialist have to build a LEFT UNITY in action
>against that attacks. A Unity List *should* discuss that
>issues! All the discussions on transitional programme,
>regroupment, etc. have to root in reality. What is better,
>to discuss about people that have to be expel or exclude
>from a list or to build unity in practice against our own
>worst enemy?

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