German TUC: Debate on new political programm

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Sat Sep 14 06:57:55 MDT 1996

Hinrich feels that:

>Trade union matters do not rank high on this list.

It is distressing to read this,  Hinrich.    Marxism 1has witnessed a number
of fruitful debates on trade union questions.    And there are a number of
list members who are active in their own unions as communists and activists.
Union issues,  it is true,  have been subsumed lately by the press of other
business,  such as the discussions around the new Marxism lists.    Too,
important contributors to the trade union threads,  like Zeynep and Robert
Perrone,  have temporarily succumbed to the demands of everday work.    They
will,  I am certain,  return shortly.    Soon,  also,  the new lists will be
up and running,  and the important  debate around trade unions, the working
class and the Left will continue apace.

He goes on to:

>point those who are interested in this discussion and who don't mind to read
>German to a web site where you can find some articles that examine the draft
>in a critical view. Amongst the authors are some trade union officials and
>Frank Deppe, Oskar Negt, Heinz Bierbaum, Joachim Bischoff etc. I think the
>articles [first published as a supplement to the June 96 issue of the
>theoretical and discussion journal Sozialismus] provide a good overview on
>what's going on in the German trade union movement as seen from the
>socialist left.

Is it possible to get hard copies of these in English?

Louis Godena

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