Reactionary Marxists

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Oh dear, next you'll be saying the election of Nelson Mandela as =
President of South Africa is a victory for the ANC and those who support =
sanctions and that SA is no longer an oppressive state. Whereas the =
reality is that the SA state got off light in the cosmetic changes that =
have happened.

Perhaps, we should also ignore the fact that there are not the huge =
numbers of AIDS sufferers as per the original scaremongering =
misinformation that was forecast at the beginning of the safe sex =
campaign. Or maybe you think that this has been such a success it =
explains the low number. This would seem a little strange since various =
"Gay rights" campaigners have come clean and admitted that they supplied =
misinformation on this issue and deliberately upped their forecasts to =
help ensure Government funding for their particular concerns. But then =
again handing such prime excuses on a plate to any Government to launch =
a massive campaign of disinformation to enable an attempt at control of =
any social or private action shouldn't really be questioned should it ?

Then again the Anti-Poll Tax Movement succeeded in bringing down the =
Thatcher Government and not the internal conflicts of the Tory Party at =
that time. Please don't bother to remind me which party has been in =
Government since 1979.

A departure of the degraded Trade Unions from affiliating with the =
Labour Party seems a good idea to me. Currently the TU only acts as =
minor mediators for insurance companies to their members and keeping a =
good yoke on any action. To further sully this with supporting New =
Labour, who are even bigger apologists for capital and even more =
desperate to ease into office, is not exactly inspiring for your average =
Joe such as myself. Arguing for "No" affiliation at least gives a point =
of departure to build upon if the reasons are debated.

As for physically attacking your paper sales, if this is the case stand =
up and defend yourselves.


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You wrote:
> I would be most grateful to be relieved of my ignorance regarding =
> debate on this list regarding LM that confirms Kevins assertion that=20
> "Living Marxism has the most reactionary political line in the Marxist =

> world".

They opposed sanctions against South Africa, they oppose the safe sex
campaign, they opposed the anti poll tax movement in Britain, they=20
argue for a "No" vote on Trade Unions affiating to the Labour Party,
etc etc etc.=20

And they physically attack our paper sales from time to time.


Adam Rose


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