Trotskyism as anti-communist propaganda

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Sep 14 10:21:41 MDT 1996

.Louis Godena writes;
>And that is the whole point.    Anti-Stalinism is the one solid plank of
>Trotsky's program that survived his death,  that breathed life again and
>again into a movement that had never held state power anywhere,  had never
>come close to doing so,  and whose chief adherents could attract no more
>than an insignificant fringe of the workers' movement:    Trotskyism,  for
>all intents and purposes,  is a fading movement of petty-bourgeois
>intellectuals,  drawing sustenance--at least until the other day--solely
>from its role as a vehicle for anti-Stalinism and,  finally,  anti-communism.

Naturally coming from someone who recently got up the nerve to critisize Gus
Hall and the pro Clinton politics of the CP the above, in fact the whole
letter, is a school of Stalinist falsification!

For any thinking person read Louis G.s letter in the light of his own
political trajectory.

Once a Stalinist always a Stalinist. In fact he just keeps repeating all of
the lies that go back to "Old Joe" himself.

So actually nothing his new really. Its just that the Stalinist are becoming
fewer and fewer as time moves on. I mean why even bother Louis. You can,t
get any handouts from the Kremlin any longer. So i really do not understand
the Stalinist sermon of lies and falsifications. Materially there is nothing
in it longer.

Bob Malecki


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