Slouching Toward Raleigh 27612 [sic!]

Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at" at
Sat Sep 14 19:59:13 MDT 1996

> Mr Bilenkin,  an expectant father hankering after tenure,  still finds the
> time to...."investigate" Adolfo Oleachea,  presumably for the sin of
> excessive Stalin--worship.
> If Trotsky were alive today,  what on earth would he make of the epigoni
> that has trafficked in his name?
> Louis (G)

Are you all right, Louis?  I mean, the content is OK, but what does the
enigmatic heading mean? I've checked up my Webster for "slouching."
It says: "to move with a slovenly, drooping gait or posture." Or is there
some slang meaning too? For who would slouch nowadays toward "Raleigh 27612"
instead of driving? The only explanation I've been able to come up with is
that you mean Trotsky's ghost slovenly gaiting to visit me.  That would be
wonderful, of course, though I have a disgustingly unreceptive psyche for
this sort of phenomena.  And then do ghosts find their way by zip codes?

and still in archives,


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