Trotskyism as anti-communist propaganda: Question for Doug

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Sep 15 02:12:53 MDT 1996

Doug writes;
>The history of socialism is something I think socialists spend too much
>time quarelling over unproductively. Re-fighting the Trostky-Stalin battles
>seems so goddamn pointless to me now.

Actually this is not true at all. the point being the programatic issues
involved. just as we discuss the reformists of the second International and
there program.

Both Stalinism and reformism represent not just old battles but concrete
programs involving tactics,strategy and the difference between a successful
revolution and its failure!

The general tendency on this list to disregard "the old Fights" are those
who want to make the same mistakes again and again and again! It is sort of
back handed support for forgiving all of the crimes that have cost the
International Proletariat such disasterists defeats.

Things like the popular front, the two stage theory of revolution, fascism
and how to fight it, trade union work, transitional states, socialism in one
country, etc.etc.etc.

These battles must be seen in this historical context. It is not just
chirping and bitching and whining or whatever. But absolutely vital in not
making the same mistakes once again.

Bob Malecki

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