A New Trend on the Left and Jefferson Village?

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sun Sep 15 06:04:43 MDT 1996

On Sun, 15 Sep 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:

> That is the bottom line of this fake new trend! That is why they unite
> against the orthodox Trotskyists! And this is why they unite against the old
> guard Stalinists of the "Red Front" period. Because then they can unite
> around the same old formulas and continue to betray the working class as
> usual. They still stand for popular fronts! They still stand for stage
> theory of revolution! They still stand for mini-maxi programs!
> They still stand for all of the historical mistakes of the last 60 years today!

Louis: Yes, dear poopy-face, there is a "new trend". The unity list
expresses it. So do voices as disparate as Zeynep, Louis G. and mine. We
are Marxists who seek to analyze the world without dogma and move the
worker's movement forward. I have been struggling on behalf of this "new
trend" since 1981, much longer than I had been a Trotskyist.

There are signs of it everywhere. Jan Norden, the editor of the Spartacist
newspaper, was expelled because he was soft on this "new trend". Luciano
Dondero, a member of "Trotskyist" Militant Labor and author of the
masterful critique of "orthodox Trotskyism" which was cross-posted to
this list a week or so ago, clearly identifies with it.

It has a lot to do with the collapse of the USSR and the inability of the
Fourth International to retain even a sliver of relevance to the current
political situation.

It is objectively in the interest of the world's working class that this
"new trend" develop since the unity of revolutionary forces on a world
scale is the only way we can fight against a capitalist system which is
more unified on a world-scale than it has been since before WWI.

It is of vital importance that the Internet be a useful  tool for this
"new trend". I would hope that the new moderated list will become a pole
of attraction for non-dogmatic and non-sectarian Marxist thought. I would
hope that becomes even more internationalist than it is right now. I would
love to see participants from countries like South Africa, China and
Brazil. But of course this won't be possible as long as lumpen elements
like yourself decide to keep posting your diahrrea 175 times a month.

Malecki, you will be Emperor of the unmoderated Marxism list. You will sit
on a throne with a toilet plunger in one hand and a mirror in the other.
On your crown will be a gold-plated cockroach icon. May you rule in
splendor over there.

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