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Sun Sep 15 16:41:13 MDT 1996

Reply to Robert Malecki by Dave (LCMRCI)

> Dear Robert;
> I don't understand your POLITICAL disagreements. We don't disagree with
> political content of what you say.

[ Yes to spell it out. We support the right of Palestinians to
self-determination, but they have expressed the overwhelming desire
 to fight for this right, and their actual struggles are ongoing.
 These struggles for self-determination we support.
 Of course we agree that self-determination is not possible short
 of a Socialist Republic of Palestine in a Middle East Federation
 of Socialist Republics.
Eventually it would be good not to have  Federations  but a unified
Republic of the World!
Why do you say that posing the need to break
the Israeli working class from its Zionist leaders is in national not
class terms? Surely we are saying [not clearly enough?]
that Israeli workers can only become a revolutionary class by breaking
with Zionism which unites Israelis across
classes, and recognising the right to,  and fighting for, a separate
Palestinian state. As I read it, the statement does not exclude the
reality that  some Israeli workers already do this. Dave]

 If you think that some formulations are
 not very clear it is a possible a problem of editing and having to
 amendmends from other countries and languages.

Letter from Malecki

> >In this context, a central task of revolutionaries in the Middle East
> >be the smashing of the capitalist state of Israel - imperialism's main
> >policeman in the region. While supporting every Palestinian struggle for
> >self-determination, we recognise the importance of breaking the Israeli
> >Jewish working class from its Labour Zionist leadership as an important
> >element in this aim.
> Dear friends,
> Your common declaration was very good! But this paragraf brings it to the
> point of being politically wrong or at least unclear and if not changed or

> clarified is unsupportable from a Bolsevik- Leninist standpoint i believe.
> The reason for this is a couple of formulations that i find both unclear
> politically wrong if not clarified. The first formulation is this..
> "While supporting every Palestinian struggle for self-determination,"
> be changed to:
> While supporting every Palestinian struggle to the right of
> self-determination,
> Because as Leninists we do support every struggle for the right to
> self-determination while on the other hand we understand that this slogan
> a negative slogan which we uphold realizing that it is also neccessary to
> realize the united struggle of all workers in the region to over throw the

> bougeois rule and build a socialist republic in the region. The right
> toSelf-determination for the Palestinians would certainly be granted by a
> revolutionary government when taking power. But we also realize that
> only a united working class in a federated workers republic we would want
> under one flag. The flag of Proletarian Internationalism and that the
> working class has no country.
> The other problem with this part of the document is its weakness on the
> Israeli working class, you say;
> "we recognise the importance of breaking the Israeli
> >Jewish working class from its Labour Zionist leadership as an important
> >element in this aim."
> This is not only weak but politically wrong. It can only be understood
> read that the entire Jewish working class stands under the banner of
> leadership. this is both wrong and a capitulation to third worldism and
> Nationalism I believe.
> Only a document that takes up the Arab-Jew question in the context of "not

> arab against jew, but class against class!" and recognition of the Israeli

> proletariat as and integral part of socialist federated republic can be
> correct according to my understanding of the question.
> Ultimately this formulation as it stands is a capitulation to Arab
> nationalism and the right of the Jewish proletariat to be part of a
> revolutionary future in the middle east. You are reversing the forms of
> repression with this weak and polically incorrect position.
> As i was asked to help write this document and give my views, I now must
> unfortunately withdraw any political support to this document as it
> With Warm Regards
> Robert Malecki

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