A New Trend on the Left and Jefferson Village?

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun Sep 15 09:56:32 MDT 1996

proyect writes;
>Louis: Yes, dear poopy-face, there is a "new trend". The unity list
>expresses it. So do voices as disparate as Zeynep, Louis G. and mine. We
>are Marxists who seek to analyze the world without dogma and move the
>worker's movement forward. I have been struggling on behalf of this "new
>trend" since 1981, much longer than I had been a Trotskyist.

Oh yes! just which new programatic trend does Zeynep represent? I hope she
is alright by the way. And Louis G. who much of the time is trying to
distance himself from Gus Hall and the American CP and your non-dogmatic
defense of Cuba and FSLN? You have been struggling i,m quite sure! But
around what program Louis?
>There are signs of it everywhere. Jan Norden, the editor of the Spartacist
>newspaper, was expelled because he was soft on this "new trend". Luciano
>Dondero, a member of "Trotskyist" Militant Labor and author of the
>masterful critique of "orthodox Trotskyism" which was cross-posted to
>this list a week or so ago, clearly identifies with it.

I doubt if Norden would would subscribe to your views. But Luciano hates the
Spartacists and now finds himself according to you in Militant Labor. What a
great step towards unity. I,m sure there are people on the list Neil? PO?
can tell us what kind of "unity" militant labor stands for. If not i
certainly can tell you about their sister organisation here who spent the
last few years tricking people with fake voting ballots!

Another interesting thing would perhaps the trends after the defeat of the
1905 revolution. I am sure there was a lot of "unity" mongering going on
against those horrible Bolsheviks. Just as during the July days in 1917!

>It has a lot to do with the collapse of the USSR and the inability of the
>Fourth International to retain even a sliver of relevance to the current
>political situation.

The Fourth International was destroyed by Pabloism. That is the unity
mongerers who are now chasing everything that moves. Especially reformists,
greens, and feminists appear to be very popular at this particular point.
The only revelance here is the complete liquidation of any kind of
revolutionary politics based on independent proletarian struggle. The
American SWP has dropped Trotskyism all together and is a cheer leader of
the Cuban Model these days.  What is the current political situation Louis?
>It is objectively in the interest of the world's working class that this
>"new trend" develop since the unity of revolutionary forces on a world
>scale is the only way we can fight against a capitalist system which is
>more unified on a world-scale than it has been since before WWI.

Oh yes a world wide popular front! A front of reformists,greens,feminists
and solidarity movements that will fall apart or be wripped apart because of
the tension of the various conflicting components. A world wide betrayal of
independent class struggle. And to say thay imperialism is more unified then
ever since the second world war is just ridiculous. Imperialism is about as
unified as this fake left "unity" is.
>It is of vital importance that the Internet be a useful  tool for this
>"new trend". I would hope that the new moderated list will become a pole
>of attraction for non-dogmatic and non-sectarian Marxist thought. I would
>hope that becomes even more internationalist than it is right now. I would
>love to see participants from countries like South Africa, China and
>Brazil. But of course this won't be possible as long as lumpen elements
>like yourself decide to keep posting your diahrrea 175 times a month.

Ah turn Internet into a gigantic unity mongering swamp where everybody
agrees to disagree! Naturally to do this it is important to keep any left
wing critical voices banned and excluded or expelled from the lists! Bring
back the good old days of the new left. Why Louis you are becoming nostagis
in your old days. Is this the last big fling of the post war left? The last
big suck of middle aged computer users? Tell us about the non dogmatic
participants from these countries. I bet they are hardly new but neo
leftovers of the old trying to think that they are coming with somethin new!
>Malecki, you will be Emperor of the unmoderated Marxism list. You will sit
>on a throne with a toilet plunger in one hand and a mirror in the other.
>On your crown will be a gold-plated cockroach icon. May you rule in
>splendor over there.
I doubt that i will be emperor of any list. Unfortunately it appears that
the "unity" mongerers of all sorts are in the majority at least her on
Internet and Jefferson Village. It reminds me of the debate raging about the
40talists here in Sweden. Well, the last big suck of this post war baby boom
is on the way into the grave Louis. the new left expression of this is the
present reality of the fake unity mongerers of middle age that think that a
majority on the lists here as they sit on their fat asses waiting for
pensions and the grave will solve something. The last suck of the spoiled
brat generation that dominated the debate on the so called "radical" left
since 68.

But the youth who are coming in back of us, the milllions and millions of
urban poor both in the industrial world and the third world i doubt will
agree with you.Whole new battalions of young workers with a entirely
different experince then the post war generation. They have not had the
silver spoon of the petty bougeos intellectuall circles that have dominated
the new left. Who change ideology for the sake of "Unity" as if they were
changing underwear! Nothing new about this of course just a combination of
the old reformist and centrist bullshit with new names and labels. We shall
see what happens.

Lenin at one time was in Switzerland with a handful of people and took on
the whole second International. Trotsky and the Left Opposition took on the
Third International.

The orthodox Trotskyists of the politics of the Fourth International which
was destroyed by Pabloism is alive and well today. Not big but very active
in different parts of the world. Perhaps we should give a new name to the
"unity" mongerers that you claim to represent. Yes. I got it.

We shall call you the 9 and1/2ers! A combination of the leftovers of the
2nd,3rd and pabloite 4th Internationals. The 9 and a 1/2ers bucket of
uniting reformists,centrists and liquidaters in a new movement. The 9 and a
1/2ers who programatically represent a combination of all the horrible
mistakes which represent a number of decades of disasters and defeats for
the International Proletariat!

Those who can not defend the old positions will never defend the New!

Warm Regards
Robert Malecki

PS: Here are some candidates for your new left "unity". Give them a call!
With your "poopy" these people are your natural allies Louis!

In Defense of Animals is looking for activists in the following
areas of Pennsylvania to hold protests against Procter & Gamble:

Fort Washington

According to our information, there is a Procter & Gamble facility
in each of these areas. As you know, one of IDA's major campaigns
is to end P&G's product testing on animals. IDA is working to
coordinate demonstrations throughout the U.S. to coincide with the
P&G annual shareholders meeting in October 1996.

If you are an activist or organization who would be willing to take
part in a demonstration at one of these locations please contact:
lauren Sullivan
IDA National Campaign Coordinator
(505) 299-7019

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