A New Trend on the Left and Jefferson Village?

Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at unity.ncsu.edu" at ncsu.edu
Sun Sep 15 11:40:03 MDT 1996

Robert Malecki wrote:

>We shall call you the 9 and1/2ers! A combination of the leftovers of the
>2nd,3rd and pabloite 4th Internationals. The 9 and a 1/2ers bucket of
>uniting reformists,centrists and liquidaters in a new movement. The 9 and a
>1/2ers who programatically represent a combination of all the horrible
>mistakes which represent a number of decades of disasters and defeats for
>the International Proletariat!

Bravo, Robert! There is something of the Old Man's spirit and his brilliance
of political characterization in this invective. To find a jem like this
I am willing to go through a hundred of your somewhat wordy posts.


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