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At 17:27 14-09-96 +0200, Robert Malecki wrote:

>However the second critisism is far more serious. Because the thing about=

>the jewish workers is fundementally politically wrong as it stands. Unless=

>you can come up with a better formulation it can not be supported by=20



>>"we recognise the importance of breaking the Israeli=20

>>>Jewish working class from its Labour Zionist leadership as an important=

>>>element in this aim."


>I suggest something along these lines.


>We recognize the importance of breaking the Israeli,Jewish working class=

>from its

>reformist and Zionist misleaders who use Israeli Nationalism and anti-Arab=

>propaganda in order to devide and rule. Just as Arab Nationalists use=20

>anti-Israeli propaganda in order to do the same thing. The fundemental=20

>position of Bolshevik-Leninists in the Middle East must be "Not Arab Again=

>Jew,But Class Against Class!"=20

Excuse me that I interfer - but I don't agree with you on this, Robert. I t=
hink it is too simple to just say "class against class" when we talk about =
Palestinian right to self-determination. The problem is that it underplays =
the role of imperialism in the creation and upholding of the Israeli stat

I would not reject the *possibility* that Israeli workers could be won for =
revolution. But as with white South African workers under apartheid the cha=
nces are very small that it will really happen. The problem is that zionism=
 and material privilegees are tying these workers very close to the Israe
li state. Much closer than elsewhere.

>We also recognize that the Israeli,s have a right to self-determination

>and land to live and thrive on,just as the Kurds or Palestineans should ha=

>this right.

I don't think that's the same. Marxists should fight for the right to self-=
determination for *oppressed* countries - not any country. That does not me=
an that I think the Israelis should be thrown into the Mediterannian, but I=
 think that as long as the Israeli state exists it will be an imperialist
 watch-dog. I think we should stick to the slogan of a secular state, which=
 used to have a broad support amongst the Palestinians.

>Naturally for Bolshevk- Leninists the ultimate goal must be that=20

>of a United

>Arab and Jewish Proletariat which fight under its own banner for a Sociali=

>Federation of States in the Middle East under the Dictatorship of the=20



Agreed on this one :-)=20


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