FW: Bloody Crusaders Call the Shots in Iraq/09-03-96

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Sep 15 16:55:30 MDT 1996

At 2:50 PM 9/15/96, rakesh bhandari wrote:

>I think the simple answer is that Americans are not batting eyelids because
>they are actually hoping that Clinton that will go ahead and boss the world

I don't know about that. Most polls show that the average U.S. person
doesn't give half a shit about the outside world, especially now that the
Commies are on the ash-heap. The elite is obsessed with foreign policy, but
the broad public doesn't really care, as long as draftees aren't coming
home dead and broken. Of course there's the rally 'round the flag impulse
once the cruises start to fly, but I wonder how deeply felt it is.



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