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You wrote:

>Dear all,
>Last night I went to a wonderful social event in London to mark the
>retirement of our general-secretary, Eric Trevett. It was attended by
>about 200 people, and was a great example of the Communist movement
>starting to move closer together.
>Excellant contibutions were made by Mike Hicks of the CPB, and Chris
>Coleman of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain
>(Marxist-Leninist). Representitives of many organisations were also
>present including the Workers Party of Korea, the Morning Star, Asian
>Times, and numerous others. Richard Balfe MEP was there, and a message
>from Tony Benn MP was read out, along with greetings from other parties
>around the world.
>Music was provided by Chas McDevitt who old timers will remember from
>the skiffle days of the 1950s ("Freight Train"). He told me some
>wonderful stories about tours with Loni Donegan and Jerry Lee Lewis. The
>food was fantastic too!
>I am bleary eyed, hungover, about to talk to god on the great white
>telephone, but very happy this sunny morning.
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Just to spoil your whole evening: This to me sounds like actually
in the main a phoney "do", only indirectly perhaps reflecting the
real thing. I think you're content with too little. Bad luck for
you you've never tasted the real stuff. But that's what's needed!
Am I making myself clear? I'm not certain about that. Anyway,
I've experienced such things as the one you write about too,
only later did I see their total insufficiency. Please see
this posting as one intended to point to the enormous possibilities
that there really are in Marxism!

Rolf, I think that you are a party pooper on this one!


Btw, do you support the WMC? A real debate could proceed from
this question, perhaps. ?

Rolf M.

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