Some second thoughts from Rakesh (and Louis G)

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Sun Sep 15 17:46:51 MDT 1996

Louis G wrote:

>   True, there is the factor of the
>Israel lobby and its influence in national political campaigns.    They are
>doubtless responsible for whipping up a lot of anti-Arab feeling especially
>in the media and on Capitol Hill?    Does this automatically translate into
>a policy that is *intrinsically* hostile to the Arab masses?

I would like to make clear that I don't think the Israel lobby is the
spearhead for whipping up anti-Arab feeling. I simply don't think it has
such power.

Yes, my comrade at home thinks my attempt to claim a specificity to Western
imperialism or racism against the Arab world is misguided.  I will have to
think about it.  There has been discussion of late of a clash of
civilizations in which Arab culture seems to have played a special demonic
role, I believe.  The recent discourse in *Foreign Affairs*, especially
Samuel Huntington's manifesto, would have to be analyzed. But at this point
I am willing to concede the argument; I certainly don't see anything to be
gained by my attempt to establish that Arabs face the greatest racism.
Perhaps I should advance another claim, US intervention in the Arab world
has its own dynamics and ideologies which need be analyzed in their

I have no criticism of Louis G's writing style and argumentative strategy
and indeed will look to them for examples of how to construct my own posts.

Doug H just wrote:  " Most polls show that the average U.S. person
doesn't give half a shit about the outside world, especially now that the
Commies are on the ash-heap. The elite is obsessed with foreign policy, but
the broad public doesn't really care, as long as draftees aren't coming
home dead and broken. Of course there's the rally 'round the flag impulse
once the cruises start to fly, but I wonder how deeply felt it is."

And however deeply felt it is at this moment, imperialism--and the military
spending it requires and the inter-imperialist rivalries, destruction of
domestic civil liberties and the racist, militaristic destruction of
culture which are all its products--is indeed not in the objective
interests of the working class here. I believe it can be fought.


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