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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sun Sep 15 18:31:02 MDT 1996

At 12:01 AM 9/16/96 +0100, you wrote:
>Gary writes, after much interesting autobiographical material:
>>But there is a core of beliefs  which as I have said remains unchanged and
>>unchangeable.  And if I may say so it is this core which eventually
>>reasserted itself and made me recognize a  comrade in Olaechea and Louis
>>Godena and others whom I  have and will quarrel with.
>Yup. And it's known as Stalinism.
>The Broadies and the Stalinists provide a wonderful example of dialectics
>-- the interpenetration of opposites. Gary and Adolpho hand in hand.
.  Hugh,

There are many things I do not  understand in this world and one of them is
the dialectics of cyber space. I have tried  to put a face and a body  to
your material. We all do that.  I try and work out your personality. Again
we all do that.

Now I have always thought you to be an arrogant prig.  But strangely you are
and have been displaying such an excess of arrogance that I find myself
actually looking forward to your posts.  Maybe again the interpenetration of

But the serious core of our differences is our attitude towards Stalinism.
That surfaced first in your response to my post on German Social Democracy
and its responsibility for the rise of Fascism.  You would have none of that
and blamed the Stalinists.

That is the classical Trotskyist approach.    It is  the one key that fits
all situations.  It is both your strength and your weakness.  No matter
where you are you are not there because you have the ready made answer, the
formula.  Yet Engels himself in letters towards the close of his life
explicitly warned against such a use of the Marxist method.

We have to be specific and local in our analysis.  Otherwise we can end up
like Bob Malecki pouring shit on the Turkish hunger strikers and the IRA
because they are not in the Fourth International.  He knows bugger all about
Ireland or Turkey yet can hold forth because he is  the possessor of the key
-   the core of Trotskyist truth that comes complete without any
spatio-temporal limitations.

I have to dash but will resume this.

cheers to yourself, Hugh


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